Community Schools

We are proud partners in New York City’s Community School, partnering with schools across the city.

Not sure what a community school is? Let’s dig into it.

Community Schools are generally opened all the time! It’s typical that they are open early in the morning, through the school day and afternoon, evenings, and weekends. This way, the school is available to the community as much as possible.

In addition to education, Community Schools also serve as an additional resource to the community, providing both health and social services. This holistic approach is absolutely inline with what Leadership has always been about, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner to provide this comprehensive wellness space for community members. Community Schools are governed by a partnership between the school system and a community agency, which is where we come in.

In essence, a community school is both a place *and* a partnership between the school and the community resources around them. They have an integrated focus on education, health, and social services as well as youth and community development, and community engagement, leading to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. The Community School approach emphasizes real-world learning and community problem-solving. And offers schools up as a center to the community, open to everyone.

Community Schools are results focused:
• Children are ready to enter school and attend school consistently
• Students are actively involved in learning and their community
• Families are involved with their children’s education
• Students are health: physically, socially, and emotionally
• Students live and learn in a safe, supportive, and stable environment
• Schools are engaged with families and communities
• The communities are desirable places to live
Community Schools can create a higher quality of education by allowing teachers to focus on teaching. The partnerships with community agencies focus on behavioral and social issues and can plan activities and programs that can be integrated into the school curriculum.

Essentially, if conventional schools are phones, Community Schools are smart phones, beyond dialing into education, we connect, collaborate and create: providing kids and their families an array of supports, leveraging shared physical and human assets to help students succeed, building in opportunities and supports that give students and parents all the tools they need to learn and grow.

Just like smart phones, Community Schools have an infrastructure—or OS (i.e. operating system)—that aligns your all of this programming. The School Leadership Team (SLT), typically comprised of educators, parents, community partners, and more, is responsible for creating a shared vision for the school, identifying desired results, and helping align and integrate the work of partners within the school.

Key to the recipe is the Community School Director, who works hand in hand with the principal and SLT, to ensuring that the relationships between the the school staff and community partners are strong, families and community members are effectively engaged, and supports to students are efficiently delivered both inside and outside the classroom.

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