Family Engagement


At Leadership, we know how important it is to partner with all stakeholders in a child’s life to foster excellence in education. Our nationally recognized family engagement program Building Family invites parents and families into school communities with workshops that are appealing, relevant, and practical.

The aim of Building Family is twofold:

  • Support schools to create welcoming environments for families.

  • Provide parents and guardians with tools to champion the education of their children.

Leadership delivers 500 Building Family workshops annually throughout New York City. Workshops are available a la carte or in series form, and, either way, you can expect top-notch results: we have an “A” average in participant satisfaction. 99% of participants wanted to attend more workshops and 99% would recommend them.

Empowered Parenting

These workshops are geared to provide participants with the tools to take on some of the trickiest areas of raising a child—from change to communication, and everything in between—these workshops will help you with the hard and dirty stuff of parenting.

A Call to Action

Discover how you can play a part in bettering your community. Learn how to organize and mobilize to improve your neighborhood, city and country.

Embracing Change

Learn how to respond to change in a healthy way and explore strategies to move forward in a positive direction.

Family Talk

This workshop provides various techniques for speaking with your child to achieve effective communication. Learn how to use active listening and positive reinforcement as the groundwork for understanding, developing and fostering positive family relationships.

Keeping it Cool

Participants will develop the skills to prevent and intervene in situations of conflict. Parents will learn how to identify different behavioral models related to life occurrences and practice strategies on how to deal with them. This workshop can be customized to address dealing with adults or children.

Power of One

This workshop addresses the challenges of single parenting and provides strategies and resources to help them succeed.

Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Learn how to identify different challenging behaviors and strategies for responding to them. Through discussion and role-playing, participants will analyze different scenarios and practice techniques for successfully responding.

Our World Today

The world today meets us at the door with challenges that range from confusing and scary to straight up dangerous. These workshops will impart you with knowledge from the incessantly evolving worlds of social media, bullying, gangs, and drugs.

Upstanders in Action: Preventing Bullying

This workshop will examine the roots, causes and effects of bullying and introduce characteristics of bullies, bystanders and victims. Participants will learn strategies that promote empathy and awareness to support a bully-free environment in their child’s life.

Cyber Safety

Participants will explore how our students’ generation is communicating with one another and the real messages being sent behind the computer screen. This workshop provides information on cyber networking to parents, guardians and teachers and offers ways to guard against on-line victimization, cyber harassment and dangerous chat rooms.

Safe Streets: Gang Awareness

Participants will learn how to keep their children safe by identifying the signs of gang behavior in their school and community. Participants will also explore strategies to communicate effectively with their child on these issues.

Safe Streets: Gang Awareness

Participants will learn how to keep their children safe by identifying the signs of gang behavior in their school and community. Participants will also explore strategies to communicate effectively with their child on these issues.

Healthy Living

Three cheers for veggies, cardio, and meditation—this is healthy living. The substances of these workshops are sometimes hard on the motivation front, but they make you feel oh-so-good when you get there.

Fit for Life

Get ready for the fast pace of life by energizing your body through our aerobic fitness workshop. Learn quick and easy everyday exercises that will boost your energy through-out your day.

Food for Life

Discover the secret of abundant living by examining how balanced nutrition and health can promote overall well-being. Nutritional and lifestyle habits will be discussed, as well as effective strategies for incorporating healthier choices into practical daily living.

Footloose: Let's Dance!

Participants will dance their troubles away in this workshop that shows how kinesthetic forms of expression can be a stepping stone for stress relief, family bonding and pure joy.

Om in the Home: Yoga for the Family

Participants will learn how yoga promotes health for people of all ages and physical abilities. Bring yoga to the home and to your family with breathing and reflective exercises focused on decreasing stress and worry, and increasing balance, harmony and wholeness. This workshop is beginner friendly.


Participants discover how to effectively prevent and cope with stress by exploring techniques to increase self-awareness and relaxation. This workshop also addresses both the mental and physical effects of stress.

Supporting the Academic Journey

Today’s education landscape is new, evolving, and, let’s face it, sometimes just overwhelming. These workshops provide an opportunity to tackle the basics of 21st century education.

Academic Success

Being an active participant in your child’s academic path and knowing your child’s learning styles can help them develop strategies to support them in coping with their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. With the information provided in this workshop, parents will be able to support their child in their quest for academic success.

College Search

Help your children along their road to the future by learning how to search for the right college. This workshop explores the steps to help your child choose and apply for college, including the application process and financial aid.

Effective Partnerships with Schools

This workshop provides strategies to foster positive relationships between parents and schools to ensure the child’s individual needs are being met, while increasing family engagement and creating a sense of community.

Steps for Success

Sometimes we all just need a little help. These workshops explore and develop the skillsets necessary for today’s job market, personal finances, and creating the future you want for your family.

Common Cents

In this workshop, participants will learn the valuable skills of money management and the tools and techniques for keeping track of their money, budgeting, and saving for short and long-term goals.

Empowerment and Motivation

This dynamic workshop explores enhancing self-esteem, self-respect and self-affirming actions. Participants will be inspired and motivated to bring out the best in themselves as they strive for the life they envision.


Meet your daily challenges by learning strategies for effective goal setting and prioritizing to help organize your life. Participants are provided with tools and techniques that help them specify and accomplish the steps needed to realize their goals.

Time Track

In this workshop, participants will develop techniques that promote effective methods of time management to help them at work and at home.

Time Track

In this workshop, participants will develop techniques that promote effective methods of time management to help them at work and at home.

Professionalism Triple Threat

This workshop series provides strategies for:

  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Interview Practice
  • Applying for a Job

Creative Spirit

What’s a part of family that’s sometimes cast to the sidelines? Having fun! The Free Spirit workshops provide an opportunity to get together and play with a purpose.

These workshops can be customized to meet your schools needs. Examples Include:

  • Free Family Fun – Whether it’s exploring NYC or in your own living room, discover cheap and easy adventures that can provide fun and enrichment for the whole family!
  • Smart Art: Poetry

  • Smart Art: Scrapbooking

  • Smart Art: Teaching Through Tales

  • Smart Art: Jewelry Making

  • Smart Art: Book Club

  • Smart Art: Arts and Crafts

Why schools need Building Family

One time a week is not enough. – Building Family Participant

Here’s what the best and brightest in the field (from the PTA to livestrong) have to say about parent and family engagement in schools.

Decades of research¹ show that when parents are involved students have:

  • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior
  • Greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education

“Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students’ academic success as family socioeconomic status. Some of the more intensive programs had effects that were 10 times greater than other factors.”²

“Schools must do their part to encourage parent involvement in education. Key activities include making parents feel welcome at school, involving parents in decision making, and implementing programs to provide information about parenting skills and community resources.”³

“Feelings of inadequacy, feeling intimidated and feeling unwelcome in the school setting can deter many parents from becoming involved with their child’s school. These feelings may stem from negative school experiences when they were children and low self-esteem or be perpetuated by staff that inadvertently alienate parents by the set up of the school environment or their attitude towards parents,” says the New Jersey State Parent Information & Resource Center.4

“Although most parents do not know how to help their children with their education, with guidance and support, they may become increasingly involved in home learning activities and find themselves with opportunities to teach, to be models for and to guide their children.”5

Interested in bringing Building Family into your school community? Contact us here.


1-Parent Teacher Association and

2-Walberg (1984) in his review of 29 studies of school–parent programs.



5-Roberts, 1992. In Online Resources for Parent/Family Involvement. ERIC Digest by Ngeow, Karen Yeok-Hwa, 1999