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Thank you. I feel better not being alone. – Building Family Participant

These workshops are geared to provide participants with the tools to take on some of the trickiest areas of raising a child—from change to communication, and everything in between—these workshops will help you with the hard and dirty stuff of parenting.

  • Talking to Your Children About Healthy Relationships

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Discover how you can play a part in bettering your community. Learn how to organize and mobilize to improve your neighborhood, city and country.
Learn how to respond to change in a healthy way and explore strategies to move forward in a positive direction.
This workshop provides various techniques for speaking with your child to achieve effective communication. Learn how to use active listening and positive reinforcement as the groundwork for understanding, developing and fostering positive family relationships.
Participants will develop the skills to prevent and intervene in situations of conflict. Parents will learn how to identify different behavioral models related to life occurrences and practice strategies on how to deal with them. This workshop can be customized to address dealing with adults or children.
This workshop addresses the challenges of single parenting and provides strategies and resources to help them succeed.
Learn how to identify different challenging behaviors and strategies for responding to them. Through discussion and role-playing, participants will analyze different scenarios and practice techniques for successfully responding.

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