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The overall presentation was excellent. Presenters were positive, knowledgeable, and upbeat! – Building Family Participant

Three cheers for veggies, cardio, and meditation—this is healthy living. The substances of these workshops are sometimes hard on the motivation front, but they make you feel oh-so-good when you get there.

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Get ready for the fast pace of life by energizing your body through our aerobic fitness workshop. Learn quick and easy everyday exercises that will boost your energy through-out your day.
Discover the secret of abundant living by examining how balanced nutrition and health can promote overall well-being. Nutritional and lifestyle habits will be discussed, as well as effective strategies for incorporating healthier choices into practical daily living.
Participants will dance their troubles away in this workshop that shows how kinesthetic forms of expression can be a stepping stone for stress relief, family bonding and pure joy.
Participants will learn how yoga promotes health for people of all ages and physical abilities. Bring yoga to the home and to your family with breathing and reflective exercises focused on decreasing stress and worry, and increasing balance, harmony and wholeness. This workshop is beginner friendly.
Participants discover how to effectively prevent and cope with stress by exploring techniques to increase self-awareness and relaxation. This workshop also addresses both the mental and physical effects of stress.
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