Off-Sites are a strategic, tactical endeavor. They allow your staff to step away from the day-to-day demands of their jobs, gain a fresh perspective, and look at the year ahead through new eyes.

Our highly customizable program is able to meet the needs of your business and staff. We offer a range of topics for development, including:

Everyone can improve their leadership ability and management skills with hard work and guidance. We coached thousands of people to do this over the years. We are a company founded on the value of leadership and practiced in effective management.

We can help you and your entire team:

  • Better manage relationships, time, resources, and responsibilities
  • Cultivate an environment of ownership among all employees at every level
  • Empower your leaders to continuously remove obstacles from the path of those who work on their team
  • Examine strength and growth areas, and commit to personal development

Action-Oriented Learning

Your staff will walk away from the training ready to implement strategic changes to their leadership and management technique, set for immediate application, including topics like:

  • Stepping into Your Leadership
  • Personal Accountability Meets Communication
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Managing Millennials

Find strategies to increase the engagement levels of your staff, boost team performance, and gain tactics to ensure employees work together seamlessly: you will see an increase in productivity and retention.

You might know how to talk. You might know how to write. You might even communicate when you do it.

But do you do it well?

Communication is key in every interaction. Are you communicating in the most compelling way possible? Does the superfluous clog your message? Does brashness cloud your intentions? We can help you and your entire team:

  • Master difficult and not-so-difficult conversations
  • Present your message in the most compelling way possible
  • Cover all your bases: from the pitch to the deck and the email to the tweet

Action Oriented Learning

Your staff will walk away from our communication training with specific skills and tactics to immediately improve their communication in myriad media. Topics include:

  • The Pitfalls of Communication
  • Dynamic Delivery: Public Speaking
  • Communicating in the Digital Age
  • Delving Into Difficult Conversations

Embolden your team. Enhance your internal and external communications. Empower your business.

If you want a strong brand, you need a strong culture. Nowadays, people take culture into consideration when taking a job as much—and often more so—than pay. If you want to attract and retain top talent, you must invest in your company’s culture. Our methodology is both outcome and process driven to ensure your business gets what they need.

We can help you and your team:

  • Find meaning in your work and business objectives, beyond the bottom line
  • Thrive by dramatically increasing your organization’s ability and willingness to learn
  • Avoid burn-out and up productivity
  • Experience how “fixed” and “growth” mindsets affect one’s approach to relationship building, leadership, and management

Action-Oriented Learning

Improving your culture doesn’t mean adding perks like cupcakes on birthdays or beer on Fridays (though there’s a time and a place for everything!), but in instilling purpose: working together towards something bigger. Your team will walk away from the workshops bolstered by the team-time and learning on topics including:

  • Out Mission, Our Values
  • Creating a Culture of Leaning
  • Diversity: Embracing Difference
  • Emotional Intelligence and Versatility

How can you model, reward, recognize, and celebrate behavior delivers on business objectives? What’s the ROI of company culture? Research using cultural intelligence proves that with a strong culture, you find measurable impact on both individual and team performance.

Strategy and innovation are integral components to success no matter what your business. Do you have business objectives? Then you have strategy. Do you have new ideas? Then you have innovation.

But to you innovate strategically? Is your strategy innovative? If your strategy isn’t driving your company forward they way you’d hope, and your innovation isn’t quite making industry waves, we can get your there? Leadership will help you and your entire team:

  • Generate revenue through new initiatives
  • Transform how they approach and solve problems
  • Examine past mistakes to achieve future success
  • Unleash their creative powers

Action-Oriented Learning

Our experiential methodology allows your team will leave our trainings ready to implement what they’ve learned in real time. Topics in strategy and innovation include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Your Next Big Idea
  • Fail Big
  • Move Fast, Break Things

We’re in an age where adaptability is constant and paramount across industries. We can help put your team at the front lines.

The customer is not only always right anymore: the customer is also educated about your products and services, aware of the competition, and looking for the best experience, solution, and biggest bang for their buck. And, with the click of a mouse, they can find it somewhere else, now.

Is your team serving yesterday’s customers, or today’s savvy marketplace?

Customer service is no longer a department: it’s your sales, marketing, and executive teams. It’s those at the front lines and those behind the scenes. It’s the secretary and the president. Get your entire team ready to leave your customers delighted after every interaction. Leadership can help you and your staff:

  • Sell solutions instead of products
  • Build trust and establish needs
  • Create highly tailored solutions
  • Look for the win-win in every customer encounter

Action-Oriented Learning

Your staff will walk away from our experiential workshops ready to put tangible service opportunities into action. Topics include:

  • Turning Problems Into Sales
  • Firefly Service
  • Community Manage: Customer Service in the Digital Marketplace
  • Customer Service to Customer Advocacy

Dive into our holistic customer-centric approach. Meet the customers of today. They’re here and ready to advocate for your business—you just need to earn it first.

Leadership has worked with some of the most challenging groups to improve their cultures. We have a range of programs working with youth and adults, with the same underlying goal and outcome: we build community.

We are a group rigorously trained in leadership and group dynamics, with a diverse staff: everything from artists to musicians, actors to athletes, dancers to magicians. Where our workshops differ from other teambuildings is that we link what is learned to what is happening at your office. We help you use the experience to build a more cohesive team eager to accomplish business goals. The bonus, to take a page from HBR, is that happier employees are more productive employees.

Possible topics include:

  • Film-Making
  • Top Chef-Style Competition
  • Brazilian Drumming
  • Amazing Race-Style Scavenger Hunts

Your staff will have an experience they will never forget. Don’t be surprised when the memories created in just one workshop are talked about for years to come. And while all this fun is happening, our expert facilitators are guiding participants in applying lessons from the experience back to the workplace.

From small and low-key to the far reaches of your imagination, a few hours with us means a great payoff for you. We build community and connectedness with fun as the starting point. Whether you are merging departments, have staff that have trouble working together, a dozen new employees, or a close-knit group, our highly trained facilitators will come in to improve communication, efficacy, and outcomes.

Leadership’s Off-Sites offer your business the opportunity for intensive focus and freedom enhanced by an untraditional setting. With a depth of experience hosting Off-Sites, we can support your staff in taking it to the next level in building effective teams and strategy.

The Leadership Program can join your team at an existing Off-Site for a day or an afternoon of development, or we can do all the work for you: customizing and coordinating the experience from start to finish, with an option to use our in-house, midtown space. From half-day getaways to full week sleep-aways, we can take care of everything including accommodation, meals, transportation, celebrations, and awards.

With our Off-Sites, you and your team will come back refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of your business.