Who We Are

Our Brand of Leadership

Leadership is a dynamic, urban organization that enriches lives, emboldens confidence, and expands options by building strong leaders in classrooms and communities.

For over twenty years, we have supported the transformation of hundreds of the most educationally and environmentally challenged of NYC’s public schools. We walk into the room ready to engage any audience. We are innovative in both our content and approach, which provides the space and opportunity for progress, development, and experience that is both vibrant and effective.

Leadership has been nationally recognized for our curricula and our strategies in engagement and motivation. We teach children and adults both how to view and express themselves and how to interact with one another and the outside world in a positive, pro-active way. Through this process we help shape environments that cultivate personal and social development.

Our methodology fosters cultures of curiosity, open-mindedness, learning, and growth. We repeatedly witness that these types of cultures increase productivity, communication, resiliency, interpersonal dynamics, capacity for risk, and overall wellbeing. With over 120 Leadership Trainers and 30 administrators, internal professional and personal development is a key component of our mission and our values. We are in the business of people, so it’s no surprise that we strongly believe in investing in our own. For our clients, the result is high quality programming implemented by a highly trained and dedicated team.

As partners, we are committed to sculpting change through a wide range of tailored services: we work with researchers, administrators, teachers, and students to create a variety of high quality programming that has been proven to change student behaviors towards violence, gang involvement, and substance abuse. We continually work to forge, evolve, and implement our curricula so that we can continue to promote youth engagement, family involvement, and personal and professional development.

In recent years, we have begun to take what we’ve learned in our decades of work with the NYC Department of Education and apply it to support and cultivate a growing number of sectors, including national and international educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses. We craft all of our programs to meet the specific needs of our clients so that we can best support their overall mission, whether that be academics or efficacy.

In all, Leadership prepares individuals, teams, and businesses to positively change their lives and communities by demonstrating that they can achieve and become everything they envision by delving into their potential, and stepping into their leadership.

Reach out to see how we can contribute to positive change for you, your team, and your community.