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Super as always! It is such a gift for us all to be afforded a refreshing moment of reflection and clarity. – Workshop Participant

In the stress of deadlines and surmounting tasks, it’s paramount that your staff’s wellbeing is nurtured to prevent burnout and promote triumphs. This workshop series has been designed to provide a platform of holistic care for your educators.

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Examine what you are currently doing in the workplace to develop and sustain wellbeing. Discover strategies for finding balance. Take away a toolkit of tips that will support you in striving for your most healthy and productive self.
Discover the secret of abundant living by examining how balanced nutrition and health can promote overall well being. Nutritional and lifestyle habits will be discussed, as well as effective strategies for incorporating healthier choices into practical daily living.
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Learn how yoga promotes health for people of all ages and physical abilities. Bring yoga to your classroom and your family with breathing and reflective exercises focused on decreasing stress and worry, all while increasing balance, harmony, and wholeness. This workshop is beginner friendly.
Get ready for the fast pace of life by energizing your body through our aerobic fitness workshop. Learn quick and easy everyday exercises that will boost your energy throughout the day.
The Creative Spirit series offers arts-enrichment in different selected art forms to promote art as a vehicle for teaching, while simultaneously building positive relationships with colleagues. Harness creative problem solving in order to articulate challenges and brainstorm solutions that can be effectively implemented in the classroom and beyond. Any workshop can be done individually or as a series.

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