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I can only state that the results have been nothing short of inspiring…I have seen the curriculum transform students who have potential, but rarely demonstrate it, into proactive leaders who have vision and are discovering a new horizon within themselves. – School Partner

Leadership’s Violence Prevention Project (VPP) is rated the top leadership-themed violence prevention program in the country by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). VPP is an evidence-based, empirically-validated, in-school intervention proven to improve conflict resolution skills in middle and high school classrooms and communities.

Since its development in 1991, VPP services have been delivered to over 150,000 Title 1 students.

VPP is on the model program lists of the following organizations:

In addition to the model program lists, VPP has been included in a monograph on school climate produced by the Department of Defense and John’s Hopkins University, as well as in the reference section of the book It Gets Better by Dan Savage.

What does VPP look like in the NYC tri-state area?
What does VPP look like outside of the NYC tri-state area?
Why VPP works
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