Leadership is a dynamic, urban organization that enriches lives, emboldens confidence, and expands options by building strong leaders in classrooms and communities. 

From classrooms to boardrooms and everywhere in-between, Leadership continues to transform the cultures of hundreds of schools and businesses. Our work is nationally recognized and celebrated.
Build Your Future Right Here

Build Your Future Right Here

Leadership Partners

We create experiences that inspire people to step into their leadership and make positive change in the workplace and in their lives.

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Fun  Team Environment

Fun Team Environment

With over 120 Leadership Trainers and 30 administrators, internal professional and personal development is a key component of our mission and our values.

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Dynamic Leaders in the Classroom

Dynamic Leaders in the Classroom

Using fun youth development activities and engaging, research-based curricula (and sometimes even our own version of a community-based block party), we get students’ attention.

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Transform Your School With Leadership Development

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Did you know that the Experiential Learning Cycle is a core element of all our programs?


Did you know that our staff receives 40 hours of training each school year?


Did you know we offer coaching, curricula, training, keynotes, and direct services?


Did you know we prioritize team time?


Did you know we always start with engaging?


Did you know we *love* teaching others how to Plark?



People served each year

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