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The best PD I’ve been to in eight years with the Board of Education. -Workshop Participant

These workshops run the gamut and are universally in demand. Addressing everything from diversity to goals and communication to core standards, these workshops will help your school meet the every day tasks at hand.


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This engaging and informative workshop boosts group and personal communication skills by addressing and overcoming obstacles toward effective communication. Through a series of interactive exercises and lessons, participants explore the nature of teambuilding and identify issues that enhance or inhibit team effectiveness.
Through engaging in Leadership building activities, participants will learn how to create SMARTER (Specific, Measureable, Action, Oriented, Realistic, Timely, Evocative, and Relevant) goals. Participants will create action steps and come up with a support system to hold them accountable to achieving their goals.*Administrators/school leadership team participation in this workshop is recommended.
This dynamic workshop will examine conflict from its many perspectives including its definition, the situations in which conflicts arise and the factors that cause them. Through interactive and engaging activities, participants will experience lessons from our nationally recognized conflict resolution curriculum and will be able to turn-key what they learn back into their classrooms.
Through interactive and engaging activities, educators will explore how to create an environment that promotes inclusion and respect for all that begins with the celebration of each individual’s differences.
Learn key tips to making your next class, presentation, or meeting more engaging. With activities, group discussion, and deconstruction, take a hands-on look at optimum teaching approaches for different types of learners.
Art can be utilized in infinite ways to keep students hooked in the subjects they are learning. Learn tangible tools from a variety of art forms that can be infused into lessons while still satisfying your teaching objectives.
In this workshop, participants examine the essential ingredients to creating a culture of positivity and possibility, regardless of the role they play in the school. Through identifying the qualities of a leadership mindset, participants will look at the subtle shifts in language and behavior that have powerful impacts on the collective culture.*Administrators/school leadership team participation in this workshop is recommended.
The Creative Spirit series offers arts-enrichment in different selected art forms to promote art as a vehicle for teaching, while simultaneously building positive relationships with colleagues. Harness creative problem solving in order to articulate challenges and brainstorm solutions that can be effectively implemented in the classroom and beyond. Any workshop can be done individually or as a series.
  • Performing Arts: Theatre Skills for Effective Teaching, Storytelling for Educators, Poetry
  • Music: Percussion, Singing, Singing From Your Soul
  • Visual Arts: Painting, Murals, Collage/Scrapbooking, Jewelry Making
  • Movement: Capoeira, Foot Loose, Spice and Soul Dance, Hip Hop Movement