School Leadership

I believe everyone working with children should be given the opportunity to participate in this workshop. -Workshop Participant

From staff motivation to change environments, these workshops are designed to help build leadership within teachers and administrators to empower your staff take on some of education’s toughest challenges.

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Much more than a position of power, true leadership is about serving those who you lead—approaching the job with a “What can I do for you?” mindset rather than one of “What can you do for me?” Examine the elements of servant leadership and come up with tangible ways to step into your leadership.
Managing is not just a role for supervisors. We are constantly managing relationships, resources, and responsibilities. How do you manage the requests from your boss, the habits of your colleagues, the demands of your clients, and the needs of your staff? This workshop offers the not so novel concept that “managing” starts from within. Learn and practice effective communication tools, strategies for handling complex situations, techniques to turn difficult conversations into positive problem solving opportunities, and ideas for maximizing productivity in the workplace.
Gain creative strategies for training and motivating your staff to sustain high quality performance year round. Explore effective techniques for keeping your staff motivated towards the larger vision even when daily challenges become overwhelming.
As educators, our ongoing learning and skill building is key to our success. Learn how to share information and start a dialogue in a way that generates an environment of learning and engagement. Walk away with an interactive toolkit that you can use to foster excitement around the sharing of information.
Learn about SMARTER goal setting, and identify the person and professional goals you hope to achieve—and the steps you can take to get you there.
For most of us, change is hard. Learn how to respond to change in a healthy way and explore strategies that will help you move forward in a positive direction.
Discover how to effectively prevent and cope with stress through technique exploration that increases self-awareness and relaxation. This workshop also addresses and provides release for both the mental and physical effects of stress.
Explore the topic of compassion fatigue within the context of education. This workshop is an introduction to the signs and symptoms of when helping hurts. You will be encouraged to share your own experiences with the group, learn ways to cope, and transform fatigue to satisfaction with an emphasis on self-care.
Learn about the four types of public speakers and identify the key elements to delivering dynamic presentations. Uncover and acknowledge your most pressing fears of public speaking and invest that energy positively into your presentations. Practice practical relaxation techniques to stay grounded and centered for your presentations.