Social Emotional Learning and Engagement

Excellent! Informative and enjoyable at the same time. -Workshop Participant

Social emotional learning environments support educators and youth address the behavioral challenges found in schools and get back to the academics. These workshops will support your staff get to the heart of it.

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Effectively engaging is both critically important and very difficult to achieve, particularly with hard to reach students. Here we provide an opportunity to explore both the art and science of engagement—gaining practical tips for engagement while learning the brain science and psychology behind those tips. Walk away with tangible techniques for engaging your audience.
Examine the roots, causes, and effects of bullying while learning about the characteristics of bullies, bystanders, and upstanders. Learn strategies that promote empathy and awareness to support a bully-free environment in your school community.
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Gain an understanding of how to use ELA-based activities to guide teenage girls and boys on the journey of self-discovery and positive relationship building. Learn the art of using writing prompts to foster improvements in student health, behavior, and academic performance by exploring self-concept from various perspectives.
Art can be utilized in infinite ways to keep students hooked in the subjects they are learning. Learn tangible tools from a variety of art forms that can be infused into lessons while still satisfying your teaching objectives.
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Description coming soon.
In the modern age of technology, the computer, SMARTboard, laptop, tablet, and smartphone have become a central part of communication, education, and professionalism. Learn ways to integrate more clips, footage, and multimedia to keep your students at the edge of their seats, excited to learn.
Play wakes up the senses. It makes life more vibrant and joyful. It opens us up to our creative selves and makes us less risk-adverse. It also creates cultures full of dedicated lifelong learners. Learn how to get participants excited about learning by engaging them with play.
Learn strategies and lessons for engaging students and staff in a community improvement project. The stages of the project are broken down into user-friendly stages to promote purposeful planning and smooth execution.