Staff Connectedness and School Culture

Probably the most useful and thorough PD I’ve ever participated in. Everything we talked about is relevant to the job. -Workshop Participant

A cohesive staff and positive school culture provide a foundation for learning that’s strong enough to support the challenges of the 21st century. These workshops will help bring your staff together and create learning environments that empower everyone from students to teachers to administrators.

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What is the mission that brings your staff together and drives them forward? In this workshop, you will develop your mission statement with the use of a collaborative structure that establishes buy-in from your staff community.
Is your team new? Has your team been together for years? Either way, keeping a team strong is an essential element to achieving program goals and vision. This workshop will allow participants to engage in activities that help them get to know each other, strengthen the team, and have fun doing it.
Examine the essential ingredients to creating a culture of positivity and possibility, regardless of your role in the school. Though identifying the qualities of a leadership mindset, you will look at the subtle shifts in language and behavior that have positive impacts on the collective culture.
Explore the vital relationship between an engaged and developed staff and high quality programming. This workshop presents creative, experiential, and budget-friendly activities that focus on creating dynamic and effective staff meetings and development.
A cutting-edge synthesis of research, implementation, and strategy: identify the needs of challenges of the families in your community and analyze Leadership’s top ten tips for family engagement. Prepare to walk away with tangible methodology and actions to utilize in your community.
Using interactive and engaging activities, explore for to create an environment that promotes inclusion and respect for all, starting with the celebration of each individual’s differences.
Communication is an art, and too often we are not communicating as effectively as we think we are. This workshop provides an opportunity to look at the many ways we communicate, and explore how we can communicate more mindfully to get more positive results.
If the though of having conversations around the “tough stuff” make you want to run the other way, this workshop will provide you with an easy, tangible tool that will have you ready for any conversation. Get set to tackle the hardest conversations with ease—packed with follow-up plans to boot!
Where are you and where do you want to go? Come identify what your edge is and access your greatness. Come ready to explore where you want to grow and what steps you can take to get there.
Delve deeper into the themes and concepts literature has to offer. Though discussion, writing, and partner sharing, find out first hand how wise words can be used to inform and empower lives.
This works offer a platform for connection and reflection: a chance to revisit goals, successes, challenges, surprises, and wishes for the future. Create actions steps and come up with support systems of accountability to fulfill your goals in a setting that celebrates you and your accomplishments.