Teacher Effectiveness

This was great! I would love anything else Leadership has to offer. -Workshop Participant

In these workshops, we support pedagogical skills in their crafting, refinement, and adaptation. From organization and classroom management to literacy and CCSS, we’re here to support your teachers hone their building blocks in education.

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An opportunity to develop effective and successful leadership techniques for enhancing self-esteem, respect, and conflict resolution skills in students. Learn strategies for creating an environment of cooperation, communication, and respect in the classroom.
Learn the effective characteristics and techniques of a successful group facilitator and find your own unique facilitation style. By examining live moments of group facilitation, learn to identify the difference between effective and ineffective facilitation.
With such a wide range of steady and evolving responsibilities and expectations, organization can be one of the most challenging aspects of work. Come learn quick and easy-to-use strategies, ideas, and systems that will work for your personal style.
A space to develop the knowledge, skills, and predispositions needed to teach students from diverse racial, ethnic, lingual, and social backgrounds. Using experiential approach, define prejudice and discrimination while exploring ways to self-reflect before making assumptions.
Using role play, lecture, small group discussions, and interactive activities, this workshop offers a tangible classroom management methodology that empowers you to more effectively reach the youth you serve. Understand the psychology behind your students’ actions and learn tools to help you deal with a number of difficult situations.
Examine conflict using multiple perspectives—from its definition to the situations in which conflict arises, and all the factors along the way—experience lessons from our national celebrated conflict resolution curriculum and turn-key what you learn back to the classroom.
Look at the Common Core State Standards as a roadmap for successful planning and implementations. In this workshop, plan to deconstruct how learning connects to the different standards and leave with a clear understanding of how to use the CCSS as an effective tool to deepen the learning experience.
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Learn about various brain-based learning systems, the regions of the brain, their functions, and cognitive processing. Participants will identify strategies that positively impact memory organizing, focusing, patterning, and retaining. Identify the connection between brain-based learning and social-emotional learning, and leave understanding how to apply these researched techniques into the classroom setting.
Take a look at the nature of Problem-Based Learning and the rational of its use. Experience PBL by working through real-world problems that will highlight how the motivation to solve a problem can become an extremely effective way to motivate learning. Walk away with specific strategies to begin implementing this approach with your students.
New York City is a labyrinth of untapped learning potential. Come learn about the “streets of New York” and discover what magic away you, your students, and your fellow educators. We have designed sessions available, and can also customize excursions based on a unit theme.
Learn key tips to making your next class, presentation, or meeting more engaging. With activities, group discussion, and deconstruction, take a hands-on look at optimum teaching approaches for different types of learners.