The Leadership Classroom

We believe there is no better way to invest in the future leaders of your company than with The Leadership Classroom, a comprehensive program to identify and work with the up-and-coming stars of your organization in a thoughtful, carefully-crafted leadership learning experience. In this age of high employee turnover, keeping employees engaged, developing, and growing while simultaneously building company loyalty is crucial to long-term success (check out what Harvard Business Review has to say on the subject). By implementing The Leadership Classroom you will ensure that your top talent develops the foundation for a long, fruitful, and rewarding career at your organization.

Here is a basic illustration of our three-tiered approach to leadership development:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.17.46 AM

We kick off the Classroom experience with a strategy session with your top executives to assess the current business and team needs.

During the first executive strategy meeting, the Leadership in Action (LIA) team is selected. In LIA, we concentrate on cultivating personal and professional leadership development. LIA offers workshops that help your team members identify and explore their leadership style, strengths, and blind spots. A few sessions in, you will already see their performance grow by leaps and bounds as they begin to embrace their role as a leader.

Continual learning is essential to growth. Casting the widest net, our Employee Trainings work with up to thirty members of your team who are not a part of LIA in a series of workshops on a broad range of subjects, including:

Our methodology offers the opportunity for exponential learning, with effects that last long after we leave. The Leadership Classroom brings an entirely new business experience to your employees, opening up the untapped potential in your team, and with that, endless possibilities.

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