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Currently a speaker, educator, blogger, and mother, Erika Petrelli has been in …on Erika’s Bookshelf
the field of education for more than 15 years, and she currently exercises her dynamic education experience as The Leadership Program’s Vice President of Leadership Development. In that role she is responsible for overseeing and supporting the development of over 200 employees, the creation of new and evolving content and curriculum, and the…..
  • Drive“, by Daniel Pink
  • How to Think Like Leonardo
    “, by Michael J. Gelb
  • Life is a Verb“, by Patti Digh
  • The Feiner Points of Leadership“,
    by Michael Feiner
  • Scaredy Squirrel“, by Mélanie Watt
  • Make Good Art“, by Neil Gaiman
  • Daring Greatly“, by Brené Brown
  • A Whole New Mind“, by Daniel Pink
  • Tribal Leadership“, by Dave Logan
  • Play“, by Stuart Brown
  • The Servant“, by
    James C. Hunter
  • Take Their Breath
    Away: How Imaginative
    Service Creates Devoted
    “, by Chip R. Bell
    and John R. Patterson
  • The Courage to Teach”,
    by Parker J. Palmer
  • What Now?”,
    by Ann Patchett
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Understanding Leadership: Role Models versus Anti-Role Models. What does it mean to be a leader? What is leadership? By identifying leaders in their lives and throughout history, and by understanding the difference between a role-model and an anti-role model, students will start to identify their own personal leadership skills and styles. (YOUTH)
How do you know what’s most important? How do you figure out what to focus on? This workshop will help participants identify strategies for managing their time effectively and examining what their priorities are. (YOUTH)
Communication is an art, and too often we are not communicating as effectively as we think we are. In this workshop, participants will look at all the many ways we communicate, and how we can communicate more mindfully to get more positive results. (YOUTH and ADULTS)
Everyone’s got a story—whether they are 5 or 55. In this workshop, participants explore the various stories that have defined and shaped who they are today, and will engage in a set of creative exercises to find “the” story of their life. (YOUTH and ADULTS)
In this workshop, participants will learn about “S.M.A.R.T.E.R” goal setting, and will identify personal goals they hope to achieve as well as a plan of action to get there. (YOUTH)
How do you keep going when the stressors in life seem overwhelming? This workshop explores tips and techniques for participants to keep their “tank” full. (ADULTS)
In this lively session, participants will understand how a motivated staff directly translates into a more dynamic and engaging program. They will learn tips and techniques for motivating themselves, their staff, and their environment. (ADULTS)
People learn differently, and in this workshop participants will experientially explore a variety of activities designed to engage the widest. (ADULTS)
What are your goals and dreams for your future? What do you imagine your life will be like after you finish school? What’s next for you? This workshop will take a creative approach to envisioning and answering those questions. (YOUTH)
What is the legacy you’d like to leave behind, when you leave your school, when you leave your town, when you leave a job, and beyond? How do you want to be remembered as you walk through the path of life? This workshop will explore participants’ vision for what’s most important. (YOUTH and ADULTS)
Failure is a scary word, and people often times fear failing. In this workshop we will encourage participants to Fail BIG, as we look at the benefits of failure and the necessity of walking through failure to get to success. (YOUTH and ADULTS)
Is your team new? Has your team been together for years? Either way, keeping a team strong is an essential element to achieving program goals and vision. This workshop will allow participants to engage in activities that help them get to know each other, strengthen their team, and have fun doing it. (YOUTH and ADULTS)
How do you manage a team effectively so that they can achieve a level of greatness that far surpasses anything you could ever imagine? This workshop will explore just that. (ADULTS)
Companies have mission statements, but why not individuals? Mission statements state a company’s purpose, its core value—in this workshop participants will identify what’s most important to them and will create a mission statement for themselves. (ADULT)
Whether you are setting goals for the strategic planning of your organization or for your own personal growth and development, this workshop will offer participants tools and methods for more effectively creating a plan for success. (ADULTS)
Quick Games, Icebreakers, and Activities to Engage An Audience: Whether you work with adults or youth, this fast-paced workshop will give participants new ideas for games, icebreakers, and activities that are designed to promote fun, allow a group to get to know each other, and build team camaraderie. (ADULTS)
We often paint a perfect picture of what our lives should look like based on pictures we see of others, but pictures capture moments, not lives. And lives are made up of a million moments a day: love moments and horror moments and plenty of ”eh” moments in between. What if we re-educated our outlook to live fully within all of them? As Robert Frost said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Life goes on. In this workshop, participants will explore the many layers of their lives and learn how to live fully within all of them. (ADULTS)
In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the effective characteristics and techniques of a successful group facilitator, as well as find their own unique facilitation style. By examining actual moments of group facilitation, participants will be able to identify the difference between effective and ineffective facilitation. (ADULT)
Management is not simply a position, and it’s not just something that you do when you have a staff that reports to you. We are constantly managing relationships, whether with our staff, our supervisors, or our peers. Come gain strategies for becoming a more effective “manager” of your life. (ADULTS)
Have a staff member who needs coaching? Have a peer that dropped the ball? Have a supervisor that misunderstood you? Difficult conversations are…well, difficult. This workshop will introduce participants to a simple yet effective tool for preparing for, and having, difficult conversations that lead to productive resolutions. (ADULTS)
What does it truly mean to lead people? Much more than a position of power, true leadership is about serving those that you lead—approaching your job with a “What Can I Do For You?” mindset rather than a “What Can You Do For Me?” one. This workshop will examine the elements of servant leadership to allow participants to come up with tangible ways to truly step into their leadership. (ADULTS)
Delivering Happiness: How Culture is the Key to Over-the-Top Client Care. Inspired by the book from Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, this workshop will delve into Customer Service and the importance of creating and empowered and enlivened workplace
Do you feel like you’re always in meetings? Do your meetings seem to go on too long? Do you accomplish your agenda? In this workshop, participants will discover tips and techniques for setting up motivating and dynamic staff meetings that leave both the attendees and the meeting leader satisfied and refreshed. (ADULTS)
Currently a speaker, educator, blogger, and mother, Erika Petrelli has been in the field of education for more than 15 years, and she currently exercises her dynamic education experience as The Leadership Program’s Vice President of Leadership Development. In that role she is responsible for overseeing and supporting the development of over 200 employees, the creation of new and evolving content and curriculum, and the implementation of services throughout the country. Erika also travels to educational conferences across the country, presenting workshops on leadership, management, training, and motivation. While The Leadership Program is centrally housed in New York City, Erika lives in Indiana with her husband and two children. She holds her Master’s degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University.

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