Administrative Staff


Melissa Alameda
Programming Coordinator
Tom Armstrong
Program Manager
Alicia Barnatchez
Program Manager
Yindy Beckim
Director of Programming
Christine Courtney
Tatiana Dominguez
Vice President of Operations
Jazmine Dugall
Operations Coordinator
Carla Gomilla
Programming Financial Liaison
Jenny Greeman
Program Manager
Thom Holme
Digital Strategy
Amanda Meeson
Vice President of Programming
Ali Mercier
Manager of Marketing Content
Suzanne Otis
Chief Executive Officer
Erika Petrelli
Sr. Vice President of Leadership Development
Elaine Porcher
Sr. Director of Business Development
Wendell Ramsey
Sr. Director of School and Community Partnerships
Laban Reeves
Program Manager
Lucille Rivin
Director of Curriculum Design
Greg Shamie
Director of Staff Development
Christopher Williams, LMSW
Vice President of Social Emotional Learning
Blonka Winkfield
Sr. Vice President of Development and Expansion
Ana Zaldarriaga
Sr. Director of Special Initiatives (Team Lead)
Crowd whisperer. Solutionist. Drummer.
Yindy builds company culture while bridging vision with strategy and action.

An undercover teacher.

Clumsy through life, laughing all the way

Wild and free with my feet on the ground – puzzling through this journey to solutions.

Carla “The Firecracker” Gomilla finds humor in flux to cheer on members of our team and organization. She ensures that high-quality, city-wide programming and initiatives are met with a warm, thoughtful smile. Challenges are met with charming belligerence.
  • Why not be happy?
  • It’s easier to do your best.
  • Never turn down free food.

Thom went to school for modern central Asia studies… this doesn’t necessarily help him in IT, but it does pay off sometimes at trivia night.

Homegrown from the roots of Leadership, bridging our business with possibility… in tap shoes.

Celebrating growth. Offering strategies to help youth, educators and professionals expand their vision, strengthen their skills, and realize their goals.

The runway upon which others take flight.

Transforming possibilities into something real and purposeful.
Always on: seeing potential for making change.

Strength in stealth! Before you know it, Laban has led past your expectations.
Lucille synthesizes a passion for arts and advocacy with the intuition of a trend spotter in education, answering evolving issues innovatively.

Greg “All In” Shamie – eternal optimist – his fundamental belief in the unlimited power in each individual inspires him to commit his life to unlocking the potential hidden within.

Vision to reality. Christopher is comfortable with both students and CEOs as he engages with clarity to help clients realize their vision.

Strategies and solutions, served stylishly. As the VP of Marketing and Development, Blonka works to expand Leadership by writing grants, creating strategic partners, and developing innovative products.
Experiential archeologist: envisioning the future, observing the present, uncovering the past.

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