Youth Development

At Leadership, we’re serious about empowering youth to succeed. Using fun youth development activities and engaging, research-based curricula (and sometimes even our own version of a community-based block party), we get students’ attention. Our programs act as vehicles through which we can address the current and evolving needs of urban schools and communities: everything from academics to graduation rates to smile quotients. Leadership creates opportunities to bring students’ focus back to their academics and their future. All of our youth development programs are designed to include:

Leadership works with all types of schools throughout the country, but we specialize in improving the cultures of struggling schools in urban communities. While we engage with fun and games, we don’t stop there. We are nationally celebrated for our excellence in everything from youth development to parent engagement to staff motivation. We’re endorsed by OJJDP, CEP, SAMHSA, and a whole bunch of other acronymic organizations. Dig beneath the accolades and you’ll find a group that truly believes in this work.

Check out the links below to see how our futures can align. If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, reach out. Our breadth, depth, and history of proven experience implementing and writing curricula arm us with the ability to create programs and services that exactly meet the needs of your school community – we can’t wait to tell you how.