Character Education

Leadership’s Character Education Program helps schools increase student and teacher awareness in ethics and values to lower negative incidents and foster caring school communities. Integrating the Character Education Program into the school day enhances positive connections to academics and school activities, and improves grades and attendance. It reduces school suspensions and provides a strong foundation with strategies for sustainability.

The Character Education Program can be directly implemented by Leadership in partnership with your school, or it can be trained to your staff and incorporated through them into the school day. It has been recognized by the Character Education Partnership as a Promising Practice for work done through the Bronx Initiates Small Schools Character Education Program at:

Our comprehensive program can include in-class curriculum, Expanded Learning Time services, Professional Development, Building Family, community service, and Large Scale Events. Teachers and school staff will learn to engage students in character building activities linked to curriculum themes and the day-to-day life of the educational campus. Teacher Modalities can also be provided, with lessons demonstrating how to incorporate character core components into all academic areas. Students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities that promote create self-express, like literary art journals and performances, and develop their appreciation for being a contributing member to their school, home, and community, all while having fun.

Parents, guardians, and families are given the opportunity to explore ways to support character education concepts at home, and will be invited to participate in a variety of workshops as well as school events. Families, students, and school staff are included in an advisory committee for the program at each school.

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