Freeing my voice feels like pushing through a crowd of people and finally getting through. -HERStory Alumnus

HERStory empowers girls to foster their identity, develop their inner voice, and realize their inherent courage with which to declare themselves to the world. It is targeted to elementary, middle, and high school girls.  It’s designed to give these girls the opportunity and stage to flourish and thrive.

Participants report improvements in key areas targeted by HERStory, including peer connectedness, academic achievement, and a range of protective factors including future orientation and goal setting. Check out more HERStory findings from our article in the Journal for Youth Development. HERStory is also recognized as a Promising Practice by Character Education Partnerships.

In the HERStory, girls will:

  • Cultivate healthy relationships
  • Boost academic performance
  • Improve health and behavioral choices
  • Build school attachment

HERStory’s curricular framework focuses on the unique needs of the modern girl and her environment. The curriculum is scaffolded from Community Building to Writing Workshops to Creative Output:

  • Teambuilding establishes trust within the group
  • Writing and self-expression embolden the individual
  • Culminating projects provides a platform to shout it from the rooftops

Like all of Leadership’s youth development programs, HERStory addresses Social-Emotional Learning, STEM, CCSS, and links to the school day. Find out more about HERStory at the links below, or contact us to see how we can partner to empower the girls in your school.

How does HERStory work?

What does HERStory look like?

Why do girls need HERStory?

HERStory is also available as a full curriculum boxed set with optional levels of training for your staff. If you’re interested in introducing the curriculum to your school, let us know.

Preventitive interventions target individuals or population sub-groups whose risk factors are significantly higher than the population at large