HERstory empowers girls to foster their identity, develop their inner voice, and realize their inherent courage with which to declare themselves to the world.

It is preventive intervention targeted to elementary, middle, and high school girls.  It’s designed to give these girls the opportunity and stage to flourish and thrive.

Participants report improvements in key areas targeted by HERStory, including peer connectedness, academic achievement, and a range of protective factors including future orientation and goal setting. Check out more HERStory findings from our article in the Journal for Youth Development. HERStory is also recognized as a Promising Practice by Character Education Partnerships.


The success of HERStory is no small task. Here are the elements that go into the program:

A mentor-style facilitator leads 50-60 interactive lessons:

12+ sessions targeting teambuilding and group development 

14+ meetings devoted to self-reflective writing lessons and exercises

4+ lessons refining artistic and self-expressive skills

Up to 20 sessions rehearsing or editing the final artistic piece

Culminating project celebration/performance(s)

HERStory also includes regular check-ins with the principal or school contact assessing program and participant progress.

Typically, HERStory runs as an after school program, but it can be modified based on your school’s needs.


HERStory’s curricular framework focuses on the unique needs of the modern girl and her environment. The curriculum is scaffolded from Community Building to Writing Workshops to Creative Output:

  • Teambuilding establishes trust within the group
  • Writing and self-expression embolden the individual
  • Culminating projects provides a platform to shout it from the rooftops

Core Themes:

Throughout the residency, girls work through each of these components while focusing on six core themes.

  • Who Am I: Identity Exploration
  • Those I Am Closest To: Immediate Circles of Influence
  • Body Image, Love, and Relationships: Relevant Topics
  • Heritage: Where I Come From
  • Dreams: Where I Want To Go
  • Legacy: How I Want To Be Remembered

Participants Will

In the HERStory, girls will:

  • Cultivate healthy relationships
  • Boost academic performance
  • Improve health and behavioral choices
  • Build school attachment

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