What does HERStory look like?

We HERStory sisters celebrate friendship and our inside jokes… we make each other brighter… every moment together is a special occasion. -HERStory Alumnus

The success of HERStory is no small task. Here are the elements that go into the program:

A mentor-style facilitator leads 50-60 interactive lessons:

  • 12+ sessions targeting teambuilding and group development
  • 14+ meetings devoted to self-reflective writing lessons and exercises
  • 4+ lessons refining artistic and self-expressive skills
  • Up to 20 sessions rehearsing or editing the final artistic piece

HERStory also includes regular check-ins with the principal or school contact assessing program and participant progress.

Typically, HERStory runs as an after school program, but it can be modified based on your school’s needs.

Now that you know what it looks like, would you like to know how it works?

HERStory is also available as a full curriculum boxed set with optional levels of training for your staff. If you’re interested in introducing the curriculum to your school, let us know.

Parents, guardians, and families are encouraged to attend the celebration even for the culminating project. The project can be an ethnographic theatre performance and/or art and literary journal, and will vary in scope depending on each individual school’s need and capacity.