Large Scale Events

Sometimes, you just need to do something big and out of the ordinary. You need to make a memory, celebrate, commemorate, recognize. Embark on an exploration. Leadership’s Large Scale Events help to pull together your school community with the flexibility of options and reach that allow us to give you the exact recipe that your school is seeking.

Field Trips
Whether for discovery, fun, or a bit of both, Leadership can help you put together a trip packed with memories that will linger for years to come. We have a huge selection of options that we’re able to implement alongside your school, anything from a guided tour through one of NYC’s many cultural institutions, or scavenger hunts that evoke both critical thinking and wonder, and journeys out of the city for reflection on nature’s bounty, even amusement park adventures to salute the success of another year closed. With decades of experience hosting educational field trips, Leadership can provide you with days that reverberate long past when the sun sets.

Jamborees and Field Days
Building community is a daunting challenge all schools face. For Jamborees and Field Days, Leadership partners with your school to provide and opportunity and venue for the community to come together for the sake of team spirit. All of our Jamborees and Field Days are catered to each school, and can involve games, outdoor activities, teambuilding, performances, showcases, and more. Imagine it, and we will work with our dynamic team to build your dream.

Every school has different and evolving priorities that arise each year. No matter what your community is hoping to focus on, Leadership can help you set up a day recognizing current events, commemorating causes, or celebrating values. We specialize in putting together days full of workshops, assemblies, performances, and showcases that drive community together towards a specific objective. The possibilities are endless and can very from artistry to diversity to bullying. Let Leadership bring a day to your community packed with impact to last a lifetime.

Contact us to break the bounds of your traditional school day. Galvanize your community with Leadership’s Large Scale Events.

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