TLP Productions

TLP Productions creates theatre- and film-based curricula that use dramatic venues to engage students about pressing issues that their community face. These assembles and films are designed by a groups of professionally trained facilitators, actors, and directors and translate from first graders to seniors to staff. Any issues faced by the community can be addressed. TLP Productions has taken on bullying, diversity, peer pressure, healthy relationships, and drug-use.

Leadership offers three different production options:

Follow-up workshops can be added to any TLP production to allow students to delve deeper into the topic at hand. This classroom curricula extrapolates on the theatre and film themes, creating student empowerment.

Leadership can also work with your school to develop school-wide, student-driven campaigns that allow that promote awareness and integration of the topic, as well as workshops that engage parents to get the entire community onboard. This comprehensive approach strategically develops a sustainable methodology for the school community to address a consistent response and protocol to the issues being addressed.

Contact us to see how TLP Productions can help address some of the biggest challenged faced by your school community.

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