Forum Theatre Assemblies

The Forum Theatre approach was created by theatrical writer and director Augusto Boal. Forum Theatre is designed to break down the traditional audience/actor partition and work interactively with the audience to have them explore the exact issues that they are facing and seek solutions to real problems in their lives. Audience members themselves are invited into the performance to have input on the dramatic action they are watching.

To start, our actors perform a play with a scripted core, where a scenario specific to the audience is played out. After reaching the scripted conclusion in which the protagonist fails to overcome the challenge/s they face, the actors begin the performance again. At any point during the second performance, the audience may call out “stop” and take the place of the protagonist with the goal of overcoming the challenge using a new tactic. It is a completely immersive way in which students and staff can be empowered to demonstrate how they would handle the situation, and inspires the other audience members to come up with creative tactics of the room. At the conclusion of the performance, students and staff with leave with a variety of techniques for successful resolutions.

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