Scripted Pieces

TLP Production currently offers two scripted dramatic pieces entitled Realizing Your Potential and Viral.

Realizing Your Potential is an original play which uses a series of tableaus to open up a conversation within the student body about opportunities to step into their leadership and cultivate a positive community. The tableaus are each played out in multiple ways in order to demonstrate the power words and actions have in outcome of any given situation. The piece concludes with an audience-involved processing of the experience which allows the student audience to directly relate what they learn into their own lives. Realizing Your Potential is also included in Leadership’s Embracing Difference curriculum.

Our original film Viral takes on the topic of cyber-bullying and its pervasive impact beyond social media, both in and out of school. The film follows a group of girls after a video of one of them goes viral, and the consequences it has on their relationships. The film also plays out multiple scenarios, demonstrating the power an Upstander can have in a bullying scenario.

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