Organized for Life

Leadership’s Organized for Life curriculum is designed to give students tools to become more organized and prepared for academic success—it includes study skills, organizational skills for both school and home, information about multiple intelligences, and opportunities to celebrate success. Our future-oriented approach provides students with a path for getting and staying organized so that they might be better prepared for everything school and beyond.

Organized for Life is designed to allow students to find their own specialized way, whether for studying for the test or organizing their workspace. All of us have different approaches to studying, planning, and organizing, and so we don’t come to the table with a singular formula for success, rather a variety of approaches that will free students to discover their own way.

Organized for Life builds from lessons that first explore how students are currently approaching study habits, homework, and organization. It then uses these as a jumping off point to examine different learning styles and effective techniques to enhance their current approach. In this way, students are guided towards their own best methods of success. It targets metacognition, or, knowing about knowing, which is vital for both academic and adulthood success.

Organized for Life also gives students an opportunity to think about their future, understand money management, and learn the positive effect of becoming involved citizens. Simultaneously, we empower teachers with tactics for engaging students in the pursuit of academic excellence, improving students’ confidence and school performance.

Organized for Life can be adapted for students at every age. It is designed as a year-long program, but can be adapted for residencies a semester long or shorter. If you’re interested in seeing how Leadership can help enhance the academic success of your school community, we’d love to hear from your. Reach out, and we’ll work with you to deliver services that exactly meet what your students need.

What does Organized for Life look like?
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