What Does Organized for Life Look Like?

Organized for Life is structured so that interactive activities are woven throughout each lesson. These skill-building sessions can range from time management to goal setting, proof-reading to test-taking. Lessons are designed for 45-minute class periods and include optional homework and follow-up activities that teachers can choose to assign to strengthen the core concepts of each lesson.

Organized for Life is laid out in three major segments, which are divided into scaffolded components:

Segment One sets the groundwork for the residency, with an introduction to the content and a focus on community-building. We start from this positive place to help center students around their strengths and academic style intentionally, so that when we move into more specialized skill-building, an encouraging framework is in place when challenges arise.

Segment Two focuses on organization and life skills. Starting with basic building blocks like identifying what supplies they need for success, we move to creating individualized organizational systems that carve a path for academic success. We then move onto lessons that help tackle prioritizing and planning, the organization of physical space for maximum focus, time management, goal setting, and identifying and implementing ways to support and enhance their school, community, city, and world. Moving to a big picture scope brings with it an understanding of the importance that attention to detail has along the way to achieving long-term success.

In Segment Three, we turn the focus to study skills. At the heart of these lessons is the opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of their own learning styles and strengths. In this final segment, students discover the means for effective memorization, note-taking, and techniques for reading comprehension. They uncover and apply strategies for improving homework, research and writing skills, and learn how to prepare for test taking. In Segment Three, we also work to strengthen the community, so that each class is dedicated to supporting each other’s efforts.

Like all of Leadership’s programs, Organized for Life can be catered to meet the specific needs of your school and student population. If you would like to learn more about how Leadership can support academics in your school, reach out. We’d love to see how we could partner in furthering your students’ success.

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