RISE – Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention

I rise when I come to school because of my mentor. – RISE Alumnus

RISE targets and re-engages students that are over-aged, under-credited, and on a path to drop out. The program addresses obstacles in these students’ attendance and reintegrates them back into the school community. Simply put, RISE stops students from dropping out.

RISE program participants have demonstrated statistically significant increases in attendance and credit accrual. RISE has also shown qualitative and quantitative improvements in:

  • Academics
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Identity development (self-concept)
  • School connectedness
  • Teacher interactions
  • Classroom behavior
  • Relationship building

RISE is nationally recognized for dropout prevention. It has been established as a model program by the New York City Mayor’s Task Force on Truancy, Chronic Absenteeism, and School Engagement, and has been named a Best Practice by .

RISE’s mentor-mentee relationship framework focuses on the exceptional challenges of recapturing students who have lost belief in their own education. The program is centered on four phases:

  • Phase 1: Engagement and Assessment
  • Phase 2: Intervention
  • Phase 3: Application to Academics
  • Phase 4: Termination and Continuing the Cycle

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How does RISE work?

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